Pre Summit Workshops – Agenda

Game Changers 2030
Implications for Standing in the Future of DEI

This workshop will take you on a visual journey into the future with our futurist, Margaret Regan, to see how the workplace will change over the next 10 years? What does our DEI Futures research tell us about the Game Changers that will impact our work and our life in 2030? What will careers look like with Artificial Intelligence, Freetainers, Anybots, ESIs and the Evaporating Office? How will we handle Talent Management as GenerationY and Z become the majority and define work, careers and DEI differently?

See examples of how some organizations are catching the wave today with innovative programs that apply Artificial Intelligence to hiring processes and focus on a multidimensional integrated talent acquisition process. This interactive multimedia presentation, including a trip into virtual reality, will focus on current workplace challenges and opportunities and what you need to do to see the future so you can embrace the future in a VUCA world.

Identify the future trends facing your organization. And what your responses would look like if your DEI work were focused on the future, broader in your definitions and deeper in your dialogues as you move from a plethora of programs to a commitment to systemic culture change?

Cultural Audit
Taking the Temperature

What is working and what are the challenges in creating your equitable and inclusive workplace?

How do employees experience and observe their workplace around issues of equity and fairness?  Do the policies and practices in place work for all?  This session will provide some proven mechanisms and a roadmap to determine your current state and desired state, creating opportunities for positive change in the work environment.  The goal in our workplaces is to ensure all employees have equitable opportunities for a fulfilling career, including opportunities such as personal development, potential advancement, and work life balance, in a workplace where they feel respected.  A workplace that is working well for all, will maximize the achievement of the goals and mission of the organization.

Sometimes called cultural audits or employment systems reviews, current state analysis or needs analysis, the presenter will share models and change processes that have proved successful in a variety of environments.  You will have an opportunity to consider processes for data collection and analysis, recommendations based on findings, implementation strategies, and measurement vehicles. This will support you in your own organization in evolving strategy and implementation to meet your D & I vision, supporting recruitment, retention, productivity and innovation.  Resources will be referenced and shared.

The Red, Blue, Green Code

In this workshop, you will take part in an experiential learning about yourself while interacting with others; and explore how to interact in order to utilise the potential of diversity in the group. The ideas of diversity management will be introduced with positivity, humour and collective reflections and you will realize that it is a perfect tool for large scale involvement and dissemination of diversity management in organizations.

The concept has originally been developed in Norway, and now it has been applied in 75 countries since 1995. In India we are represented by Ask Insights and Dr. Niru Kumar for workshops and consulting projects.

Whole-Being Women Leadership

In this workshop, we will explore some of the drivers of leadership development for women like self-agency and purpose, EQ and self-reflection, and creating and taking advantage of opportunities.  We’ll also explore how our own self-empowerment can both co-exist with largely male-oriented workplaces and be used to lift up all employees

Male Allies

This workshop will address What role can and should men play in helping to navigate the gender divide? and The dynamics of the gender divide, especially as it impacts men. The systemic ways in which societies influence male behavior, and ways in which men can shape their own behavior to create more positive work relationships with women, and serve as active allies as we move towards greater gender equity. It will be drawn from the social science research, as well as neuro-cognitive science research to better understand as to why we act the way we do, and the workshop will provide concrete behavioural suggestions for creating more equitable and inclusive work environments.

Unconscious Biases - Tools & Strategies to Manage them

Much has been written about unconscious bias training, especially regarding the question of whether or not such training has the ability to impact organizational performance. This is a vitally important inquiry, because the time and cost associated with training programs are great enough to warrant close examination of the results that they produce. As with many initiatives, there are a variety of ways in which unconscious bias training can be conducted, and results often depend on the approach taken.  The recent incidents in the United States at Starbucks and their subsequent decision to close their stores and train thousands of employees has increased the scrutiny of this work.

This content in this workshop is drawn from more than 20 years of studying research about unconscious bias and actively working with clients in hundreds of companies all over the world to apply that research or more than 15. This framework, which has four areas of focus, is an intervention strategy that has been applied to dozens of organizations and is designed to impact the entire organization. This model was developed not solely on the basis of diversity and inclusion work, but also from research into organizational culture development and system change. The purpose of this workshop is not to establish the case for the importance of unconscious bias work, as has been established within the Inclusion, Diversity, Equitability and Accessibility (IDEA) community,  but rather to focus on a fundamental question: Is there a sustainable way to impact bias within organizations?