Never before there have been so many people linked together across the globe in pursuit of two common goals - 

Improving Organization Performance 

Making the world a more Inclusive Place for All

Global Thought Leaders from across the world will share a platform with Ask Insights to present their views, experiences, Future Trends and Strategies for the organizations. This will help organizations to prepare themselves for the next decade to foster all-round development and progress in their business objectives and global portfolios in the DEI Space.

An event that brings together Decision-MakersCEO’s, CXO’s and the HR Head’s to share the stage the with the Global Thoughts leaders to SHAREEXPERIENCE & INNOVATE and be a part of an evolution for Integrating BUSINESS, HUMANITY, and FUTURE.

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Thought Leaders from across the World

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About Us

We bring to the table, the world’s strongest IP through partnerships and alliances with the best global thought leaders in the D&I field. We can proudly say that the number of organizations and individuals consulted by us is significantly more than anybody else in the country in the D&I space.We are working in D&I in India working since the last decade. We provide Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Consulting and Training with all-round interventions like Top Leadership Modules, Manager’s Modules, Women’s Leadership (Project Breakthrough), Women Mentor-ship (Ultimate Breakthrough) and Front-line programs.

We are the pioneers to bring D&I to India. We provide end-to-end solutions covering organizational strategy, benchmark assessments, gender, generational, cultural, LGBT, unconscious biases and disability in the field of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

We are a team of Senior Doctors, Psychologists and NLP experts using Psychology and NLP tools to ensure deep and permanent learning in the field of Diversity & Inclusion.

Pre Summit Workshops

The Schedule - 3rd April, 2019

The Summit Schedule - 4th, April 2019

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